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$800 For $20,000



Prop Money For Sale

In the first place, Are you searching for where to get Prop Money For Sale? Then i guess you might have search for other terms like; prop money for sale, buy counterfeit money online, buy fake money that looks real. Again,  fake 100 dollar bill for sale, buy prop money, counterfeit money for sale online,counterfeit money for sale. Also, fake money for sale,high quality counterfeit money for sale,buy counterfeit money.

SECURITY FEATURE 1: Search for a blue strip on the facade of the 100 US dollar greenback. Again, Tilt the note forward and backward while concentrating on the blue strip. Additionally, You will see the ringers change to 100s as they move. Henceforth, When you tilt the note forward and backward, the ringers and 100s move side to side. On the off chance that you tilt it side to side, they go here and there. Also,  The strip is woves into the paper, not imprinted on it. Prop Money For Sale

SECURITY FEATURE 2: However, Search for a picture of a shading moving chime, inside a copper-hued inkwell. Bedside,  on the facade of the new 100 US dollar note. Hence, Tilt it to see the chime change from copper to green. An impact which causes the ringer to appear to show up and vanish inside the inkwell.  Buy Fake Money

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SECURITY FEATURE 3: Additionally, Tilt the note to see the numeral 100 in the lower right corner of the note. Then, move from copper to green.

SECURITY FEATURE 4: More so, Hold the note to light and search for a black out picture of Benjamin Franklin. In the clear space to one side of the representation. Moreover, The watermark is obvious from either side of the note.

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SECURITY FEATURE 5: Hold the note to light to see an installed string. That runs vertically to one side of the representation. More so, The string is engraves with the letters USA. Again, the numeral 100 of every an exchanging design. And,  is noticeable along the string from the two sides of the note. Lastly, The string gleams pink when lit up by bright light. Prop Money For Sale


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